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  • Chobani

    Negative Externalities: The Downside of Greek Yogurt

    May 28, 13 • 1409 Views • No Comments

    Greek yogurt may not be entirely good for us. When firms like Chobani make Greek yogurt in New York State, they use 3 or 4 ounces of milk to get an ounce of creamy yogurt. Once they have the yogurt, though, they also wind up with lots of acid whey. Last year......  [read more]

  • Decisions Have An Opportunity Cost That Require Tradeoffs

    Guns or Yogurt?

    Aug 26, 12 • 665 Views • No Comments

    It appears that the New York State legislature will soon experience a clash between gun producers and gun control advocates. These quotes sum it all up: A Remington employee: “In my eyes, Remington goes away, Ilion goes away.” A gun control......  [read more]

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    Sales Tax Decisions

    May 2, 11 • 674 Views • No Comments

    A buttered bagel is a sandwich but not an unsliced bagel–unless you eat it in the store. Subject to the New York State sandwich tax, so too are burritos, wraps, BLTs and buttered rolls.  Plan to buy fudge? You will pay a sales tax in New York.......  [read more]