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    Pricing Airline Tickets

    Aug 27, 10 • 179 Views • Businesses, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Economic HistoryNo Comments

    During the 1970s, a ticket to fly between New York and Washington, D.C. cost $50 whereas one between Los Angeles and San Francisco-almost twice the distance-cost only $40.  Why? Before deregulation in 1978, the interstate airline industry was

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    More on the Movies

    Apr 13, 10 • 187 Views • Businesses, Entertainment, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Following up on yesterday’s post, I discovered how important product placement can be. Sometimes movie makers decide the products beforehand, before they even complete the script and select the stars. Fees for a “starring” product can total

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    A Star is Born

    Apr 12, 10 • 190 Views • Behavioral Economics, BusinessesNo Comments

    Heinz Ketchup had a cameo but Apple was a star.  I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yesterday and started to think about product placement. In this excellent film, while Heinz ketchup played a fleeting role during a scrambled eggs breakfast,

  • A More Stylish Barbie

    Feb 5, 10 • 193 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    According to a recent WSJ article, Mattel

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    The Super Bowl… Is it really about the game?

    Feb 5, 07 • 121 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Even though I like football, when I watch the Super Bowl, I