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    China’s Demographic Flipflop

    Apr 18, 14 • 1788 Views • No Comments

    The wait list for the most popular retirement home in China has topped 10,000. With 1100 available beds and just 11 beds emptying annually, it could take 100 years for someone to get a spot. Part of the problem is that Chinese families had too many children......  [read more]

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    An Economic Indicator: Yappy Hour and Other Doggy Treats

    Oct 5, 13 • 1111 Views • No Comments

    Dogs can tell us a lot…economically. San Francisco’s dog owners can select among 60 different dog treats and 4 birthday cake sizes at Le Marcel Dog Bakery. They can drop off a pet at one day care center that soon will have a senior oasis for older......  [read more]

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    Population Growth: China’s One-Child Policy

    Jan 15, 13 • 1609 Views • No Comments

    Does being an only child matter? Our answer starts with a sunflower seed story. There once was a poor Chinese farmer who believed he could excel at nothing but sunflower seeds. Traditionally sold in bulk with other types of nuts, sunflower seeds had been......  [read more]

  • Aging Populations

    Apr 30, 12 • 608 Views • No Comments

    Just remember 4-2-1-whenever you think of Chinese demographics. 4 refers to 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas, 2 is their adult children and 1 is the next generation. The social fabric of China is shifting. In rural areas, the elderly population is growing as the......  [read more]