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    Subsidies: The Cost of Cheap Gas

    Apr 13, 13 • 2694 Views • No Comments

    Sort of like lunch and parking, there is no such thing as free gas. Lunch? Even when someone else takes the check, you have sacrificed time or a future payback to that person. Parking? Time spent looking for a space and unproductive use of valuable urban real......  [read more]

  • Municipal Finance: Technological Innovation

    Mar 27, 13 • 578 Views • No Comments

    Do cities need more “big data?” NYC’s sewer story provides an answer. NYC had a clogged sewer problem. To solve it, officials had to find the restaurants that were pouring grease down their drains. Because the city’s Office of Policy......  [read more]

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    Economic Humor: Cars and Compost

    Mar 24, 13 • 865 Views • No Comments

    Conveying their special type of economic humor, the Onion has done a series called Onion Talks. They sound like TED talks, they look like TED talks but they are not really TED talks. Describing the series, its head writer Sam West said it would resemble TED,......  [read more]

  • Ecuador with Yasuni

    Opportunity Cost: Saving Ecuador’s Rain Forest

    Mar 13, 13 • 990 Views • No Comments

    Should the world pay Ecuador to preserve its rain forest? Here are 2 answers from a Time journalist: Yes: “The Yasuni plan would be a first for global environmental policy: recognition that the international community has a financial responsibility to......  [read more]

  • Job Gains in Texas and Losses in Caifornia and Florida

    Minimum Wage: The Tradeoff

    Feb 19, 13 • 1394 Views • No Comments

    Should you support a $9.00 minimum wage? Expressed in a Boston Fed report, the competing arguments on both sides are persuasive. Proponents emphasize the additional spending that will be created, the minimal, if any, job losses, and their support for low......  [read more]