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  • Disposable Income can be hand-to-mouth for households with illiquid wealth

    Surprising Hand-To-Mouth Households

    May 4, 14 • 702 Views • No Comments

    Close to one third of all households (38 million) in the US live hand-to-mouth. Like me, perhaps you have always assumed that a hand-to-mouth (HtM) household is low income. Spending all disposable income each week, the hand-to-mouth household is unable to...  [read more]

  • Environmental Dilemmas

    The Problem With Demand For Strawberries

    Apr 23, 14 • 686 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday Environment Focus Every morning, with my yogurt, I enjoy a strawberry-grape smoothie and then later, writing this blog, I munch on almonds. And, like me, other baby boomers are buying more strawberries and raspberries, almonds and pistachios....  [read more]

  • brown bag lunch

    How to Defend or Oppose Thomas Piketty

    Apr 22, 14 • 633 Views • No Comments

    Summarizing Thomas Piketty’s voluminous research in his new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the NY Times said that looking back, we have overstated the beneficence of capitalism and looking forward, gross income inequality is our...  [read more]

  • Line standing tradeoffs

    How Much to Pay For a Line Waiter?

    Mar 30, 14 • 819 Views • No Comments

    If a lobbyist wants to go to a congressional hearing but cannot do the line, she can hire a line stander. Maybe 30 minutes before entering, the customer takes the place of the “waiter.” Saying they have “significant expertise in all of the...  [read more]

  • Globalization Panama Canal Transportation Infrastructure

    How to Build a Better Bridge

    Mar 28, 14 • 675 Views • No Comments

    Politicians have decided to spend $1.3 billion on an 83 year old bridge between Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ. Because the Panama Canal is the reason, $1.3 billion makes sense. During 2015 or perhaps later if construction delays continue, the Panama Canal...  [read more]