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  • McDonald's Delivers in Many Developing Nations.

    Purchasing Power

    Feb 22, 13 • 461 Views • 1 Comment

    The Big Mac Index is out again and not much has changed. Norway’s Big Macs are expensive and Chinese Big Macs are cheap. What do Big Mac prices tell us about purchasing power? Starting with an average U.S. price of $4.37, we can determine whether other...  [read more]

  • McDonald's Delivers in Many Developing Nations.

    (Mc)Wages Around the World

    May 21, 12 • 3400 Views • No Comments

    It can be tough to compare wages around the world. While lots of people could be called iPhone assemblers or auto workers or t-shirt makers, depending on the country, factory conditions, time off, the work day, all really differ. Not for McDonald’s. At...  [read more]