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  • In Russia now, and 35 years ago in the US, stagflation is a tough problem.

    When Did We Get “Tough Love” From the Federal Reserve?

    Apr 27, 14 • 854 Views • No Comments

    Demonstrating Russia’s current plight, this graph so perfectly illustrates stagflation: When GDP sinks and inflation increases, the stagflation that results is tough to cure. If monetary authorities target inflation with tight monetary policy, then...  [read more]

  • Ice cream stores

    Double Dips

    Aug 7, 11 • 281 Views • No Comments

    We do not know whether a double dip has begun. Cascading during 2008 and the first half of 2009, the GDP then began to climb. Only if it drops again will we have a double dip. In the NY Times, financial journalist Floyd Norris does a beautiful job of...  [read more]