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  • The Price System: Can You “Pay What You Want?”

    Apr 2, 13 • 506 Views • No Comments

    In selected cities, Panera Bread is letting you decide what to pay for a bowl of turkey chili. Knowing that that the firm will cover its costs and the rest will go to charity, many people are paying more than the $5.89 suggested amount. In 2007, the band......  [read more]

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    Pay What You Want

    May 23, 10 • 557 Views • No Comments

    The place is the SAME Cafe in Denver, a “pay-what-you-want” restaurant. Recently, one person paid $5 for a large soup and coffee and a second individual left $7.50 for 2 slices of pizza, a large soup, and a salad. Then, a third person decided......  [read more]