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  • Supply and demand are lowering cranberry prices

    A Cranberry Blog

    Jul 3, 14 • 732 Views • No Comments

    Yesterday morning, during my “rantum scoot” around a Nantucket cranberry bog, our group leader unknowingly presented a supply and demand story. This is the bog: Starting with some history, he said the island of Nantucket was ideally suited to......  [read more]

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    If Milk is Good For Us, Why Are We Drinking Less?

    Jun 21, 14 • 1916 Views • No Comments

    Do you remember those milk mustaches? We first heard “Got Milk?” in 1993. I loved the campaign because, in class, it was the ideal way to illustrate a market that resembled perfect competition. Since firms are small and their products are......  [read more]

  • competitive market structure strategies

    How Firms Compete With Hidden Messages

    Feb 11, 14 • 1079 Views • No Comments

    Have you noticed the arrow in FedEx’s logo? Especially because, in class, we have been looking at how oligopolies compete, I appreciated what this BusinessInsider slideshow said about their logos: A competitive market structure shapes business behavior.......  [read more]

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    A Blurry Customer Focus

    Jul 27, 12 • 351 Views • No Comments

    Several years ago, I walked into my local bank branch at 5:55. Knowing that they closed at 6:00, I thought I had some time but they said I was too late. I said I had 5 minutes, they said no and by the time we had concluded our exchange, it was 6:00. They said......  [read more]

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    Egg Surprises

    Apr 24, 11 • 414 Views • No Comments

    Egg prices are actually down. Averaging $1.73 a dozen during March, egg prices have fallen by 5% from March a year ago. So, yes, the CPI says the increase for food prices is up 2.7% during the past 12 months (March 2010-March 2011). But not for eggs. We could......  [read more]