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  • Packaging can shape a buying decision.

    A Tax Incentive: Paper Bag Fees

    Mar 23, 13 • 530 Views • No Comments

    I was just in a store that asked me for 10 cents when I requested a bag for my 2 bananas and an orange. Saying, “No thanks,” I stashed them in my purse. My next stop, a Walgreen’s again asked me for a dime. My answer was the same. With all......  [read more]

  • Tax Revenue

    Sin Taxes: Cigarettes

    Jan 12, 13 • 1517 Views • No Comments

    Revenue, abstinence…or maybe neither? Our story starts in New York State. Recognizing the health risks of cigarettes and the potential for generating revenue, New York State levied one of the highest cigarette taxes in the country. As a result,......  [read more]

  • The Sugary Beverage Debate

    More Soda Wars

    Aug 14, 12 • 501 Views • No Comments

    If you lived in Richmond, California, would you vote yes or no for their proposed soda tax? The tax is unusual because it does not charge people at the register. Instead, retailers would have to pay a license fee that is based on how many ounces of SSBs......  [read more]

  • Fruit cranberries drink

    New Soda War Battles

    Jul 3, 12 • 575 Views • No Comments

    “It’s worth fighting for. . . . This is about our economy, it’s about jobs, it’s also about our traditions and our values.” The speaker was John Kerrey and the topic was the cranberry. Worried that sugary beverage limitations could move far beyond......  [read more]

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    More Taxing Decisions

    May 21, 10 • 582 Views • No Comments

    Would you support a penny an ounce tax on sugar sweetened beverages? According to the NY Times and The New England Journal of Medicine, the idea is becoming increasingly attractive to many municipalities. By putting on our economic glasses, we can better......  [read more]