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    Using Prediction Markets to Catch Match-Fixing at Wimbledon

    Sep 3, 14 • 733 Views • No Comments

    When supply and demand in tennis match prediction markets created illogical prices, researchers said that 3 matches at Wimbledon might have been fixed. ......  [read more]

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    Presidential Futures

    Jan 2, 12 • 415 Views • No Comments

    The prices of buy and sell contracts for the Republican presidential candidates in Iowa provide a good history of the beginning of the primary race. Romney contracts (max of $1) on the first and last day of each month since September 1 were: September:......  [read more]

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    Presidential Wagers

    Nov 12, 11 • 421 Views • No Comments

     Looking at the University of Iowa GOP Iowa Caucus Market, you could create these headlines: “Gingrich gains.” “Cain crashes.” Perry plummets. Romney remains. With quotes indicated every 15 minutes, the University of Iowa......  [read more]

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    Oscar Markets

    Jan 29, 11 • 451 Views • No Comments

    Can a crowd be smarter than an individual? In The Wisdom of Crowds, business columnist James Surowiecki, says “Sometimes, yes.” Starting with a crowd betting on the weight of an ox and ending with the crowd and democracy, Surowiecki looks at......  [read more]