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  • Venezuela Map

    Income Redistribution: The Venezuelan Economy

    Mar 8, 13 • 523 Views • No Comments

    The Venezuelan economy in 3 pictures: Observed during October, 2010, the sign shows that there is a price ceiling for Diana Oil. At 4,73 bolivars, the ceiling is 32% less than 7 bolivars, its “capitalist price.” As always, price ceilings lead to......  [read more]

  • A Price Ceiling Has Unintended Consequences

    Do You Like Rent Control?

    Nov 30, 12 • 2108 Views • No Comments

    Asked if it makes sense to mandate lower rents for some apartments in large cities, many of us say yes. Lower rents facilitate diversity and they enable middle income municipal workers to live close to home. Affordability is good. Yes? The residents of......  [read more]