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  • The Price System: Quinoa Economics

    Jul 25, 13 • 838 Views • No Comments

    Why aren’t we eating more quinoa (keen-wah)? Let’s just start with a NASA quote: “While no single food can supply all the essential life sustaining nutrients, quinoa comes as close as any other in the plant or animal kingdom.”...  [read more]

  • Surfing Chile endangered wave

    The Price System: Surfonomics

    Jun 18, 13 • 234 Views • No Comments

    Do you think of the environment differently when you give it a price? Take a wave… For just one community like Mavericks off Half Moon Bay, California, the surfing industry is valued at $23.9 million a year. Meanwhile, spending approximately $6.3...  [read more]

  • The Price System: Can You “Pay What You Want?”

    Apr 2, 13 • 253 Views • No Comments

    In selected cities, Panera Bread is letting you decide what to pay for a bowl of turkey chili. Knowing that that the firm will cover its costs and the rest will go to charity, many people are paying more than the $5.89 suggested amount. In 2007, the band...  [read more]

  • Industries afflicted with Baumol's Disease have slower productivity growth.

    The Price System: Health Care

    Mar 5, 13 • 388 Views • No Comments

    The price system is rather amazing. Please imagine for a moment that you heard a gallon of gasoline was $1.50. First you would think, “cheap!” Then you might rush to fill your tank. Or, told that a diamond ring was $50, you might not buy it. Price...  [read more]

  • 16134_1.17_000000347963XSmall

    Toasters and Pencils

    Jan 17, 11 • 247 Views • No Comments

    In this TED talk, a designer explains how he tried to build his own toaster. Deciding to focus on five basic ingredients instead of the 100 he would really need, he describes what happened. For the steel, first he needed iron ore. For the plastic, he went to...  [read more]