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  • Productivity from a Checklist

    The Economics of Checklists

    Jul 10, 14 • 793 Views • No Comments

    I just took a relative to a local hospital’s emergency room. Like Atul Gawande described in his book, The Checklist Manifesto, a nurse first noted “four physiological data points–body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory......  [read more]

  • everyday economics at Starbucks

    Starbucks Drive-Through Economics

    May 24, 14 • 937 Views • No Comments

    My new Starbucks has a drive-through. If you look at a high shelf near the window through which the baristas hand the coffee and food to drivers, you see a screen with little cars and numbers. Changing from green to yellow to red, the color of each car......  [read more]

  • UPS factor productivity has increased more than we ever would have predicted because of technology.

    How and why does UPS get my package to me so fast?

    May 10, 14 • 564 Views • No Comments

    Occasionally, I have asked the UPS man who is always so gracious to wait a moment at my front door while I go to the kitchen. Taking a minute or so, I grab an apple for him. In a Planet Money interview, the person in charge of UPS data said that,......  [read more]

  • Everyday economics and recycling costs

    The Scrap Business is Underrated

    May 7, 14 • 558 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday Environment Focus By Madeleine Vance, guest blogger and student at Kent Place School The “scrap” business is a lot more than just scrap. Once you drop your empty soda can into the recycling bin, it could even be a piece of the car......  [read more]

  • Robotic milkers increase dairy farm productivity and make cows happy.

    The Robot Milkers That Cows Like

    Apr 24, 14 • 2380 Views • No Comments

    It appears that cows prefer robot milkers. Rather than following a human schedule of pre-dawn mornings and late afternoons, the robots respond to what the cows want. Perhaps 5 or 6 times a day, the cows line up in front of the milker, waiting, as milk cups......  [read more]