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  • Weekly Roundup The economics news summary

    Weekly Roundup: From Fed Humor to the Wisdom of Warren Buffett

    Mar 7, 15 • 584 Views • No Comments

    Our Posts Roundup Sunday 3.01.15 Handy notes from Warren Buffett…more Monday 3.02.15 The basics of Greek tax evasion…more Tuesday 3.03.15 Insight about airline queues...more Wednesday 3.04.15 Why we subsidize Brazilian farmers…more Thursday......  [read more]

  • economic news summary and the minimum wage

    A Tale of Two Cities… and One Mall

    Sep 4, 14 • 1259 Views • No Comments

    Half of the Valley Fair Mall is in Santa Clara, CA while the other half is in San Jose. Because San Jose has a minimum wage of $10.15 while Santa Clara’s is $8.00, the stores at the mall have a problem. Minimum Wages Issues For some stores, the big......  [read more]

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    Factors of Production: Organic Farming

    Jan 6, 13 • 570 Views • No Comments

    Yesterday morning, my 4 mile walk seemed faster than usual because I listened to Lisa Turner talk about Laughing Stock, her organic farm. Interestingly, her conclusion focused on profit. Here are some of the stories from the econtalk podcast. She started by......  [read more]

  • Changing Air Travel Routes

    Oct 18, 12 • 723 Views • No Comments

    The marketplace affects where we can and cannot fly. If you need to travel between Lima, Peru and Atlanta, you can thank asparagus lovers. More than passenger traffic, Delta values the route because of its asparagus cargo. (While China is by far the......  [read more]

  • 19th Century Urban Transport Was An Environmental Problem

    More Recyling Matters

    Sep 26, 12 • 681 Views • No Comments

    Aluminum recycling is in the news because of a break-up. Together, Alcoa and Novelis (owned by HindalCo, an Indian firm) had been collecting and recycling cans–40 billion last year. But no more. Now, competing for used cans, each firm will do it alone.......  [read more]