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    A Property Right: The Sunny Side of the Street

    Sep 29, 13 • 452 Views • No Comments

    On one side of Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, rents are $3500 a square foot. The other? $3000. The reason is the sun. Starting at 49th street, walking uptown on the sunny side, you would pass Saks, Cartier, Diesel, DeBeers, Tiffany, Apple.  By contrast, on......  [read more]

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    A Mixed Economy: Ownership Incentives

    May 14, 13 • 564 Views • No Comments

    Thinking about our mixed economy in which government and the market intermingle, I have always gravitated to this quote from former Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers: “In the history of the world, nobody has ever washed a rented car.”......  [read more]

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    Deja View

    Jun 15, 11 • 384 Views • No Comments

    3 giant redwoods were the problem. The issue was the view. Does a property owner have the legal right to a view of San Francisco Bay that his neighbors’ trees are blocking? Or, do the neighbors have the right to the privacy the trees provide? A view or......  [read more]

  • Random Snow Stories

    Feb 11, 10 • 319 Views • No Comments

    Property rights When you shovel a parking space, does it remain yours when you pull out? In Boston, if you shovel out your car during a snow emergency, the space is yours for at least two days. Just “reserve” it with a lawn chair or trash......  [read more]

  • Silent Salons

    Feb 8, 10 • 295 Views • No Comments

    The Spanish Society of Authors (SGAE) receives a steady stream of income from Spain......  [read more]