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  • Not Always Dismal

    Feb 10, 10 • 248 Views • No Comments

    From assorted sources, I share the following: 1. Poetry on the housing crisis from Karl Case (the Case in Case-Shiller Home Price Index) An excerpt: Fannie and Fred were always ahead, Then Countrywide got in the fray. Then Lehman and Merrill and Goldman Sachs...  [read more]

  • Hayek vs. Keynes

    Jan 26, 10 • 569 Views • No Comments

    Good enough to watch, this youtube performance between Hayak and Keynes is similar to a recent Planet Money “boxing match” between the classical perspective and Keynes which I also recommend. Both are helpful when deciding whether you prefer...  [read more]

  • Comments On Today’s News

    Jan 10, 10 • 281 Views • No Comments

    A1 NY Times From a town clerk in Genesee, Wisconsin:...  [read more]

  • A Stimulating Idea From China

    Dec 17, 09 • 278 Views • No Comments

    The place is Inner Mongolia. The city is Ordos. Actually, within 18 miles, there are two Ordos. One looks like a normal city. Built with stimulus money, the second Ordos looks complete except for one detail; there are no people. The apartments are empty, the...  [read more]

  • The American Dream

    Oct 4, 09 • 234 Views • No Comments

    The precipitous current dip in housing is so explicit in the graphs at: Translating the lines into people and numbers brings to mind John Maynard Keynes. As much as...  [read more]