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    Big and Little Worries

    Feb 27, 10 • 365 Views • No Comments

    1.  Sovereign debt: Contemplating big worries, I could place sovereign debt at the top of the the list. Should we currently be concerned about Greece, Spain and other EU nations with excessive obligations?  Beyond, should we be focusing on the U.K....  [read more]

  • Not Always Dismal

    Feb 10, 10 • 288 Views • No Comments

    From assorted sources, I share the following: 1. Poetry on the housing crisis from Karl Case (the Case in Case-Shiller Home Price Index) An excerpt: Fannie and Fred were always ahead, Then Countrywide got in the fray. Then Lehman and Merrill and Goldman Sachs...  [read more]

  • Hayek vs. Keynes

    Jan 26, 10 • 669 Views • No Comments

    Good enough to watch, this youtube performance between Hayak and Keynes is similar to a recent Planet Money “boxing match” between the classical perspective and Keynes which I also recommend. Both are helpful when deciding whether you prefer...  [read more]

  • Comments On Today’s News

    Jan 10, 10 • 320 Views • No Comments

    A1 NY Times From a town clerk in Genesee, Wisconsin:...  [read more]

  • A Stimulating Idea From China

    Dec 17, 09 • 316 Views • No Comments

    The place is Inner Mongolia. The city is Ordos. Actually, within 18 miles, there are two Ordos. One looks like a normal city. Built with stimulus money, the second Ordos looks complete except for one detail; there are no people. The apartments are empty, the...  [read more]