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  • UK Pasty_000018649371XSmall

    Pasty Tax Issues

    Apr 3, 12 • 199 Views • Demand, Supply, and Markets, Economic Debates, Economic Humor, Government, Households, Labor, Macroeconomic Measurement, Regulation, UncategorizedNo Comments

    The UK’s pasty (PASS-tee) tax battle is a good story. But, moving beyond the humor, it has considerable significance. First the story: Taxing the pasty has created a major flap in the UK. The pasty looks like meat in a pastry pouch, high in fat, maybe

  • Congestion Pricing in Israel

    Dec 22, 09 • 170 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Run privately, guaranteeing 70kph (43.5 mph), a toll lane will be created on a busy Israeli road. More traffic–price up; less traffic, price drops. Another solution to the tragedy of the commons. To read more, go to