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  • Resource allocation involves similar concepts whether personal, for business or a country.

    How To Divide the Rent, a Cake and a Country

    May 1, 14 • 1274 Views • No Comments

    Assume for a moment that you have just rented a 4th floor walk-up apartment for $3000 with 2 friends. One bedroom is mid-sized and near a fire escape, the second is rather large and has a view of a magnificent tree while the third is tiny, looks out on the......  [read more]

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    Traffic and the Economy

    Oct 6, 10 • 628 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes policies for economic growth can be found in the most surprising places. Seeing a new paper on peak hour travel started me thinking about the amount of time we spend commuting. And commuting took me to economic growth. If you have to commute,......  [read more]