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  • When one mall is located in 2 cities, each with a different minimum wage, the unique incentives affect employees and consumers through wages and prices.

    A Tale of Two Cities… and One Mall

    Sep 4, 14 • 340 Views • No Comments

    Half of the Valley Fair Mall is in Santa Clara, CA while the other half is in San Jose. Because San Jose has a minimum wage of $10.15 while Santa Clara’s is $8.00, the stores at the mall have a problem. Minimum Wages Issues For some stores, the big...  [read more]

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    California and Greece

    Oct 2, 11 • 253 Views • No Comments

    It is good to pay fire fighters and police officers generously. It is good not to raise taxes. It is good to give voters what they want and get re-elected. As Michael Lewis describes in Vanity Fair, San Jose, California did everything that was...  [read more]