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    Different Kinds of Capitalism

    Dec 29, 10 • 775 Views • No Comments

    How much does Chinese capitalism resemble U.S. capitalism? In a New Yorker article, journalist John Cassidy suggests that China’s combination of authoritarianism and capitalism is somewhat similar to our own history. Reminding us of our......  [read more]

  • Freshwater or Saltwater?

    Dec 16, 09 • 658 Views • No Comments

    Smith or Keynes? Free market or government fine-tuning? If you are the latter, you can say you are a saltwater economist. A recent article from Paul Krugman (NY TIMES MAGAZINE; 9/06/09) characterizes the economists who reside along either coast as saltwater.......  [read more]

  • A Government Scale

    Sep 21, 09 • 614 Views • No Comments

    Should government care how much we weigh? Having just read Jacob Weisberg’s article on Bloomberg paternalism, I wonder whether our position on healthcare reform, on financial regulation, and other legislative topics relates to the same idea. It’s......  [read more]