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  • Antenna cable

    The Solution to India’s Population Boom

    Jul 22, 13 • 241 Views • Gender IssuesNo Comments

    Rapid population increase has long been a concern of the global community. China has boasted highest population for many years, but by 2021, India will take that title. Although India’s overall birthrate has fallen over the years, the birthrate in rural

  • 1960's Portable Television with Antennas Up

    Information Infrastructure: An Indian Soap Opera Story

    Jun 15, 13 • 463 Views • Behavioral Economics, Developing Economies, Education, Gender Issues, Households, Labor, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Cable TV might have more of an impact than government programs on Indian women in rural villages. Dominated by government programming, Indian TV has been around since 1959. But when cable and satellite arrived, rural villagers decided to sign up. Between