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    Opportunity Cost: Winning the 2020 Olympics

    Sep 10, 13 • 1385 Views • No Comments

    First, Doha and Baku were eliminated and then Madrid. Competing against Istanbul in the final vote for the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo won. Here are the IOC voting results: Round 1 Tokyo: 42 Istanbul: 26 Madrid: 26 Round 1 tie-breaker Istanbul: 49 Madrid:......  [read more]

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    Confirmation Bias: How Might Basketball Provide Economic Insight?

    Apr 18, 13 • 503 Views • No Comments

    Although fans think a basketball player can have “hot hands,” psychologists disagree. We might just be displaying our tendency to select facts that support what we already believe–our confirmation bias. Citing the “hot-hand......  [read more]

  • The US is again hitting its debt ceiling.

    Some Greek Math

    Aug 24, 12 • 453 Views • No Comments

    With a euro zone update on Greece unfolding (they might lease some islands but we’ll get to that in a moment), here is some Greek math that Michael Lewis presents in Boomerang. Referring to the deficit, during October 2009, the Greek government thought......  [read more]

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    A Euro Zone Olympic team?

    Jul 13, 12 • 412 Views • No Comments

    Sharing a larger and more varied pool of European talent was supposed to create an economic synergy. Starting with the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951, the first step was free trade. Nations were added, trade barriers disappeared, and by 2002, they......  [read more]

  • Economic Independence Day

    Jul 4, 12 • 427 Views • No Comments

    Alexander Hamilton must have been worried. In 1790, as Secretary of the Treasury, a troubled economy had become his responsibility. He had a huge federal debt to fund, a banking sector that was distressed, and an economy to stimulate. Sound familiar? Hamilton......  [read more]