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  • Starbucks pay-it-forward positive externality

    (Not So) Dumb Starbucks

    Feb 15, 14 • 765 Views • No Comments

    At New York’s 2nd Ave Deli, you can order the Instant Heart Attack and/or the Triple Bypass Sandwich. Listed on the menu like this (below), the sandwiches are trademarked. When the 2nd Ave. Deli trademarked its heart attack sandwiches, they consulted a......  [read more]

  • labor productivity at Starbucks

    Does Your Barista Do a Repeatable Routine?

    Jan 18, 14 • 1558 Views • No Comments

    Starbucks calls it “transactions per hour” but from our perspective, it’s waiting in line. Researchers say that it takes only 3 minutes in a queue for us to become impatient. Hoping to show their shorter line time and higher sales, Starbucks......  [read more]

  • Coffee Conspicuous Consumption

    One Reason To Drink Coffee in China

    Dec 12, 13 • 1868 Views • No Comments

    How can you show your friends (in China) that you have ascended to your country’s middle class? Starbucks. First, some background… A 2010 BusinessWeek article on the world’s most caffeinated countries cited a connection between an......  [read more]

  • Starbucks Reusable Plastic Cup

    Monopolistic Competition: Locating Starbucks

    Jul 26, 13 • 1273 Views • No Comments

    To understand why there can be a Starbucks on every block, we have to start with a can of Maxwell House Coffee. From a 3.1 cup-a-day peak in 1961, US coffee consumption slid downward through the 1980s. It makes sense. The coffee was terrible. Made with low......  [read more]

  • time flows

    Income Inequality: Starbucks

    Apr 14, 13 • 572 Views • No Comments

    During June, 2012, 8 pounds of Guatemalan coffee were sold at auction for $4004.00  ($500.50 a pound). Called Finca El Injerto, the bean is unusually small, originally from Yemen and grown at an elite Guatemalan plantation. At my Florham Park, NJ Starbucks,......  [read more]