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  • Price Elasticity, dynamic pricing and traffic congestion

    Unexpected Consequences From Fuel Economy

    Feb 19, 14 • 1058 Views • No Comments

    Hoping to cut costs at the pump and buy less foreign oil, President Obama said in his 2014 State of the Union address that medium and heavy duty vehicles would be the next target. A part of the CAFE mandate that started with 1975 legislation, Corporate......  [read more]

  • Weekly Roundup and the income tax rate history and the Congress

    Have We Halved the Deficit?

    Jan 30, 14 • 1088 Views • No Comments

    In the State-of-the-Union, President Obama said, “Our deficits–cut by more than half.” Looking at the federal deficit as a percent of GDP, we can say that the deficit is much lower than 4 years ago. BUT… The deficit was an unusually......  [read more]