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    Stock Markets: Consumer Confidence Peeks

    Jul 27, 13 • 516 Views • No Comments

    During the mid-19th century, Paul Julius Reuter used carrier pigeons to fly stock market prices between Brussels and Aachen, Germany. Now, Reuters is doing (sort of) the same thing. For the University of Michigan consumer confidence survey, Thomson Reuters......  [read more]

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    Stock Markets: Is Stock Picking Smart?

    May 25, 13 • 743 Views • No Comments

    Buy a diversified fund that has global exposure and charges a minimal fee is the investing advice Harvard Professor N. Gregory Mankiw gave to his mother in a NY Times column. Citing economic research that confirms his recommendation, he sounds convincing.......  [read more]

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    Stock Markets: High Speed Trading

    Apr 4, 13 • 417 Views • No Comments

    High frequency trading might be an elephant in the closet. Representing perhaps 51% of all daily trading volume, speedy trading hits the headlines only when something goes wrong. But since I’ve been reading Frank Partnoy’s Wait: The Art and......  [read more]

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    Laotian Investing

    Nov 14, 12 • 433 Views • No Comments

    Laos has a new stock market. Launched during January 2011, on its opening day, the Laotian Securities Exchange listed 2 state-owned businesses, a bank and a power company. News reports indicated that investor interest in their securities was considerable and......  [read more]

  • Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan Issues

    Election Economics: Assessing the US Economy

    Sep 24, 12 • 531 Views • No Comments

    Is the US economy less sick? Comparing January 2009 when Obama became president and now, let’s see how its “symptoms” have changed. Approximately the Same: Jobs: During January, 2009, the employment number, 133 million, was very similar to......  [read more]