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  • Sunk cost and opportunity cost explain the low quit rate during the great recession.

    One Reason to Quit A Job

    Jun 14, 14 • 877 Views • No Comments

    Have you ever gone through a series of phone messages that finally take you to the department you need? Then, after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, no one picks up and you start to wonder if you should hang up. Deciding what to do, most of us focus how long we......  [read more]

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    Sunk Costs: When to Cut Your Losses?

    Jan 17, 13 • 391 Views • No Comments

    Several days ago, during a phone call, I was asked to “hold” for a moment. 5 minutes passed. No one returned. I considered hanging up but thought, I’ve already waited 5 minutes. They will have been wasted if I leave. 10 minutes passed. Still......  [read more]