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  • everyday economics and daylight saving time

    Is Our Resource Use More Sustainable Than the Word Sustainable?

    Apr 2, 14 • 557 Views • No Comments

    Sustainable:   Pondering sustainability through an xkcd lens took me to other “green” ngrams. As described by xkcd, the graph represents the frequency of the use of each word in Google books, 1800-2008: Then I checked what we eat: Ngrams......  [read more]

  • sustainability, revolving doors and swinging doors

    One Reason You Should Use Revolving Doors

    Dec 11, 13 • 1069 Views • No Comments

    If you were to enter the building in the following picture, would you use the revolving doors? Probably not. Most people would select the swinging doors on the sides.   People who use swinging doors increase their carbon imprint. Doors that swing open......  [read more]

  • Is It Better to Outsource or Insource T-shirts?

    Manufacturing Matters in the US

    Dec 10, 12 • 466 Views • No Comments

    Hearing about an apparel firm that “insourced,” I confess I was not as enthusiastic as the report. The firm, American Giant, had just enjoyed a run on their hoodies. As a Made in the USA producer, they have the caché of a San Francisco factory.......  [read more]

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    Do You Like the GDP?

    Nov 28, 12 • 413 Views • No Comments

    Having just come across the “Better Life Index,” I started thinking about Ed Koch, a former mayor of NYC who often asked everyone, “How am I doing?” Here are some thoughts about how to measure how well we are doing. The GDP:......  [read more]

  • A Slice of a Pineapple

    Food Bites

    Aug 30, 12 • 1023 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes food is about a lot more than eating. When a !Kung Bushman hunter returns from the forest, he is greeted with, “What, you made us come all this way for this bag of bones?” One Bushman explained why. “When a young man kills much......  [read more]