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    How to Defend or Oppose Thomas Piketty

    Apr 22, 14 • 1090 Views • No Comments

    Summarizing Thomas Piketty’s voluminous research in his new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the NY Times said that looking back, we have overstated the beneficence of capitalism and looking forward, gross income inequality is our......  [read more]

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    Economic Coloring Books

    Dec 19, 13 • 1373 Views • No Comments

    To what extent are you a freshwater or saltwater economist? Several coloring books might help you decide. But first, some background… The original homes of the freshwater economists were the Universities of Chicago, Minnesota and Rochester while the......  [read more]

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    Irrational and Rational Expectations

    Dec 12, 11 • 731 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes, expectations can determine outcomes. In articles on the placebo effect, Wired and the New Yorker tell us that people tend to believe that green pills are best at diminishing anxiety, brand names are better, and medication taken 4 times daily will......  [read more]