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    How to Own the Word How

    Oct 9, 14 • 1048 Views • 2 Comments

    The courts will decide intellectual property rights when they say whether Dov Seidman can trademark the word How and stop Chobani from using How Matters......  [read more]

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    Intellectual Property: China’s Michael Jordan Trademark

    May 1, 13 • 1405 Views • No Comments

    The Wall Street Journal had a great headline: “In China, Air cheow-DAN Cries Foul.” Saying, “I felt the need to protect my name, my identity, and the Chinese consumer,” Michael Jordan is suing the Chinese firm Qiaodan for using his......  [read more]

  • shoes, status signals and property rights

    Innovation: More (or Fewer?) Sole Rights

    Sep 8, 12 • 1392 Views • No Comments

    A book that you write is your intellectual property. But what if you design the sole of a shoe? As econlife described last year: “The trademark of designer Christian Louboutin, his red soles are supposed to represent glamour, luxury and hidden status.......  [read more]

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    Tweet Rights

    Sep 26, 11 • 667 Views • No Comments

    Does “Nutcracker Tweet” bird seed have the right to Tweet? Is it okay to name your birdhouse firm “Tweet Tweet Home?”  Can your app say Tweet? It all depends on the US Patent and Trademark Office. Twitter wants the tweet......  [read more]

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    Sole Rights?

    Aug 12, 11 • 963 Views • 2 Comments

    Suddenly, a red sole has become much more than the bottom of a shoe. The trademark of designer Christian Louboutin, his red soles are supposed to represent glamour, luxury and hidden status. Or, as stated by Mr. Louboutin, “A shoe has so much more to......  [read more]