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    The Underground Economy: How Much Did the GDP Really Grow?

    Apr 27, 13 • 3623 Views • No Comments

    Having reported yesterday that the GDP grew 2.5%, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reminded us that their data “are incomplete or subject to further revision.” They meant that businesses and individuals still have more information to gather......  [read more]

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    Who Is Unemployed?

    Mar 2, 12 • 563 Views • Comments Off on Who Is Unemployed?

    Does an unemployment rate of 8.3% mean we have 8.3% unemployment? Not necessarily. Using what Abbott and Costello might have said, a Huffington Post journalist explains why. Costello: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America. Abbott: Good......  [read more]

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    Greek Taxes

    Nov 29, 11 • 793 Views • No Comments

    Having added property taxes to electric bills, the Greek government is shutting off the power to people who do not pay what they owe. The response? In a northern suburb of Athens, a mayor has assembled a group of electricians to reconnect people who lose......  [read more]