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  • For centuries technology transfer has been stolen and shared.

    When Is Technology Transfer Okay?

    Jun 10, 14 • 407 Views • No Comments

    During the 18th century, Sweden gave cash to its “spies” in England so they could buy copper and iron production secrets. Meanwhile, England issued a patent to a chemist who just returned from Russia with a new brewing method. Moving in the...  [read more]

  • Italy's and the UK will add marijuana and prostitution to improve GDP accuracy...but will it?

    Should GDP Include Illegal Drug Deals?

    Jun 1, 14 • 503 Views • No Comments

    In 1987, Italy decided to include its “off-the-books” economy in its GDP. The result was an 18% boost. Now, further complying with EU accounting regulations, Italy will add illegal drugs, prostitution and black market alcohol and prostitution....  [read more]

  • Charts and graphs tell stories

    An Amazing Story From a Graph

    May 31, 14 • 446 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes one graph can tell a whole story:   A 4-minute animation can also convey a much bigger story. Looking at the same time period as our graph, Hans Rosling connects national income and health. National income closely relates to GDP since...  [read more]

  • Multigenerational boomerang households

    Why Do Young Adults Live With Their Parents?

    Jan 31, 14 • 319 Views • No Comments

    The top 5 are Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta and Italy. At the bottom are Denmark, Finland Sweden, Norway. Why? Why do young adult children live with parents in certain countries and not in others? For the US, Pew Research provided some insight about...  [read more]

  • Japanese fertility and aging problms

    5 Best Places To Be Born

    Nov 16, 13 • 387 Views • No Comments

    In 1988, the United States was ranked #1 as the best country in which to be born. The people who did the ranking for The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) selected criteria that you would expect. They included GDP per capita, economic growth, literacy and...  [read more]