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  • Social Security lock box

    Federal Debt: The Social Security Lockbox

    May 7, 13 • 126 Views • Economic History, Financial Markets, Government, Macroeconomic MeasurementNo Comments

    During the 2000 presidential campaign, candidate Al Gore referred to the lockbox in which he would keep the Social Security surplus. Still today, we can imagine a box filled with the dollars that have been accumulating since President Ronald Reagan sought to

  • The US is again hitting its debt ceiling.

    Debt Ceiling: The Trillion Dollar Coin Solution

    Jan 4, 13 • 145 Views • Economic History, Economic Humor, Financial Markets, Government, Macroeconomic Measurement, Money and Monetary Policy, UncategorizedNo Comments

    Through a hypothetical Oval Office meeting, a Yale law professor describes a platinum solution to the debt ceiling problem. The basic idea is that if Treasury can get the money to cover government spending without borrowing then it does not need to exceed