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  • Everyday economics and missing annual agricultural census numbers on goats and other secondary animals and crops because of budget cutbacks, we have a mystery.

    The Mystery of the Missing Goats

    Jan 14, 15 • 1283 Views • No Comments

    We have fewer price and quantity signals because agricultural production figures on certain crops and livestock were eliminated because of USDA budget cuts......  [read more]

  • Everyday economics for food research and development is important for the GDP.

    Fries and Chips: Potato Stories

    Dec 7, 14 • 1543 Views • No Comments

    When firms use research and development (R&D) for french fries and potato chips they create a springboard that Harvard's Clayton Christensen explains......  [read more]

  • Chinese Consumers and Fresh Apples

    Fresh Apple Demand

    Sep 27, 12 • 748 Views • No Comments

    Again we connect to China with an apple but this time it’s the fruit. As incomes rise, so too has fresh fruit consumption in China. In addition to buying pork and owning dogs, consuming pecans and carrying Coach purses, an increasingly affluent Chinese......  [read more]

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    The Good Life…For Cows

    Dec 31, 11 • 660 Views • No Comments

    I suspect that the life of a cow producing organic milk got better last June. For their owners, though, business surely became more complicated. According to a new USDA rule, any milk labeled organic now has to come from a cow that spends much more time in......  [read more]

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    Corn Counters

    Dec 6, 11 • 740 Views • No Comments

    To estimate the size of the corn crop, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) hires corn counters. Calculating stalk stats and assessing cob size, they observe 15 foot sections in thousands of fields. Add to that weather predictions, yield trends, and......  [read more]