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  • Everyday Economic and Warren Buffett's ideas

    What We Can Learn From Warren Buffett

    Mar 1, 15 • 421 Views • No Comments

    His 50th anniversary, Warren Buffett's letter to his shareholders again conveys what he did right, what he did wrong and his folksy investing advice......  [read more]

  • Fast and Slow Stock Market Trading

    Fast and Slow Stock Markets

    Apr 5, 14 • 600 Views • No Comments

    Goldman Sachs is asking $30 million for a firm that, 14 years ago, it purchased for $6500 million ($6.5 billion). The story (sort of) starts 222 years ago. Wall Street was where our first Congress met, where Alexander Hamilton lived (several blocks from Aaron......  [read more]

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    Where are the women?

    Feb 26, 07 • 402 Views • No Comments

    Stocks, investments, Wall Street…these names evoke images of men. Until after our recent class trip to the NYSE and Wall Street, I didn’t realize how true these images are. Standing in the stock exchange, I look down onto the floor and literally......  [read more]