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  • A washing machine's price affected by WTO trade disputes.

    A Trade Dispute About My Washing Machine

    May 29, 14 • 289 Views • Businesses, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Developing Economies, Economic Debates, Government, International Trade and Finance, Labor, Regulation, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    I suspect that my new LG washing machine was more expensive than it should have been. Made by a South Korean firm, this washing machine (and others like it) was the target of a complaint that Whirlpool filed with the US Department of Commerce at the end of

  • The Washing Machine Empowered Women.

    The GDP and Happiness

    Jun 9, 10 • 132 Views • Behavioral Economics, Economic History, Gender Issues, Households, InnovationNo Comments

    Yesterday’s post about the impact of individual wealth on happiness started me wondering about flush toilets, washing machines, and cars. As our nation became wealthier and produced more goods and services, how did that affect our happiness? To get some