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We are in the process of creating data relationships for the Economic Library, Daily Notes and the Economic Timeline which will categorize all entries in those areas under their respective course units below. Until then we hope you find the following unit breakdown useful.
  • Thinking Economically
  • Businesses
  • Households
  • Labor
  • Money and Monetary Policy
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Macroeconomic Measurement
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Economic Thinkers
  • Economic History
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economic Debates

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Ten Ways to Sound Like an Economist

10. Whatever the question, always answer, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
9.   Defend a decision by declaring, “It was worth the opportunity cost.”
8.   Whether you like or dislike government, point to “The power of the market.”
7.   Explain a love of low prices with, “It’s the law of demand.”
6.   Explain high prices with, “It’s the law of supply.”
5.   Preface a position with “on the one hand…but then on the other …”
4.   Justify your Thai T-shirt, Japanese camera, and Sumatran coffee beans by repeating, “comparative advantage, comparative advantage.”
3.   When asked, “How are we doing?” just cite the CPI, GDP, and S&P.
2.   Know that the “size of the pie” has nothing to do with food. 

And finally, the most dependable way to sound like an economist….
1.   No matter what, just say, “It’s the economy, ….”