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The European Union “Family”

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jun 2, 2012    •    526 Views

The results of a European Pew Research opinion survey among 8 nations reminded me of a dysfunctional family. As you look at the tables below from the Pew Report, you might think of Germany as the successful sibling, Greece as the “black sheep,” and the growing dissatisfaction with how the family makes a living.

1. Stereotyping in Europe

Who Works Hardest, Who’s Corrupt

Views in: Most Hardworking Least Hardworking Most Corrupt Least Corrupt
Britain Germany Greece Italy Germany
France Germany Italy Italy Germany
Germany Germany Greece Italy Germany
Spain Germany Greece Spain/Italy Germany
Italy Germany Romania Italy Germany
Greece Greece Italy Greece Germany
Poland Germany Greece Poland Germany
Czech Rep. Germany Greece Czech Rep. Germany

From Pew Research Center

2. Asked about whether they viewed Germany favorably, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Britain and Italy resoundingly said yes. However, 78% of the Greeks who were surveyed said no. (p. 36)

3. Support For Free Market Declining

% Completely/mostly agree

2007 2010 2012 2010-2012 Change
% % %
Britain 72 64 61 -3
France 56 67 58 -9
Germany 65 73 69 -4
Spain 67 62 47 -15
Italy 73 50
Greece 44
Poland 68 68 53 -15
Czech Rep. 59 50

From Pew Research Center

To see Pew’s conclusions and additional tables that are fascinating, here is the entire report,  “European Unity on the Rocks.”  A second report, reflected by the following table, highlights the differences between US and European values. Please note that tables were directly copied from Pew.


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