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The Eurozone and You

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jan 15, 2012    •    593 Views

If you…

  • like crumbly cheese,
  • forget to pay your income taxes,
  • nap daily,
  • avoid grocery shopping and planning menus,

then, a 10 question quiz could conclude that you are Greece.

On the other hand, you might be Germany if you…

  • save your money,
  • pay your income taxes,
  • think naps are for the “weak,”
  • plan your daily menus in advance.

Here you can take the entire quiz, “Which Troubled Eurozone Nation Are You?”

And, for past and present info on the eurozone, this article from economist Paul Krugman is ideal.

The Economic Lesson grouped eurozone nations in terms of their vitality. They used per capita debt and per capita GDP growth to create their categories:

  • Robust: Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg
  • Less Robust: Belgium, Estonia, France, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Fragile: Spain, Italy, Cyprus
  • Bailed Out: Portugal, Ireland, Greece

An Economic Question: To remember each group, what mnemonic devices might you create? (For example, fragile countries are SIC.)

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