econlife on ‘The Pulse’

  • The Oscars 2014

    Mar 3, 14 • 103 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    “12 Years A Slave” won best picture.  Hot or not...


  • Canada Girls Hockey Team in Sochi

    Feb 20, 14 • 171 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    Canada beats the US to win the girls hockey gold medal.  Hot or not...


  • The Polar Vortex

    Feb 19, 14 • 102 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    Arctic air is circulating abnormally, causing extreme weather in Canada and parts of the United States.  Temperature lows broke record levels, cancelling schools and flight reservations, as well as closed roads.  Hot or not...


  • TJ Oshie’s Newest Accomplishment

    Feb 19, 14 • 111 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    TJ Oshie scored four out of six overtime goals against the Russians which resulted in a win for the United States hockey team...


  • Russian Hockey Team in Sochi

    Feb 19, 14 • 119 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    Russia just got beaten out of the hockey tournament in the Sochi Olympics.  Defeated by Finland, they lose their chance of winning the gold medal.  Hot or not...