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  • Apple v. Samsung

    Dec 3, 13 • 141 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    It is well established that Apple is a world leader in their technology production, but Samsung is not far behind.   Hot or not...


  • Toy Stores

    Dec 2, 13 • 145 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    Are virtual apps replacing classic, physical toys?  With thousands of new apps being designed everyday, toy stores are feeling the pressure to hold the attention and money of its young target audience.  Hot or not...


  • Facebook

    Nov 26, 13 • 163 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    Although it’s stock prices are rising, twitter and instagram dominate social media. Hot or not...


  • Miley Cyrus

    Nov 25, 13 • 176 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    “Nobody’s perfect” once said the young star.  Has the artist gone to far with her performances? Hot or not...


  • iPad Air

    Nov 24, 13 • 161 Views • The PulseNo Comments

    Apple recently released their latest product, the iPad Air.  So far it has received good reviews.  Hot or not...