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Much more than money, economics is about tradeoffs. Thinking economically involves cost and benefit, marginal analysis and seeing that there is no free lunch. Econlife tries to convey the perspective that is the foundation of economics that helps people make decisions personally, professionally and as voters.

  • An Imbalance in the Marriage Market

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    Recent articles about skewed birth rates in China indicate 119 (and more) males are born for every 100 females. Discussing the imbalance, most commentary focused on marriage and how tough finding a wife will become....

  • Insecurity about Homeland Security Spending

    Jan 14, 10 • 114 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    I recommend looking at the 2005 American Enterprise Institute paper on homeland security spending at: Providing insight about where, how, and why approximately $44 billion is being spent, the report...

  • A Financial NTSB

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  • Is More Security Too Expensive?

    Jan 11, 10 • 104 Views • Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Great cost benefit analysis in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. How do we decide whether the cost of intensified airport security is worth the benefit? 1. The TSA says that one life saved is worth $3 million spent. That means, though, that we have to...

  • Comments On Today’s News

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    A1 NY Times From a town clerk in Genesee, Wisconsin...