Top Ten Economics Bloggers

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jan 9, 2010    •    628 Views

Reading the “Top Ten Economics Bloggers by Scholarly Content”, I wondered what makes a good economics blogger. Daily, the first blogs that I go to are Mankiw and
I am especially impressed by Mankiw’s Blog. He is civil, his posts are current, varied, sometimes very funny, always insightful, nicely balanced between bias and fairness.
The top ten:

Rank Blogger Affiliation Blog
1 Becker, Gary S. U of Chicago Becker-Posner Blog
2 Mankiw, Gregory Harvard U Greg Mankiw’s Blog
3 Posner, Richard U of Chicago Becker-Posner Blog
4 Roubini, Nouriel New York U RGE Monitor
5 Samuelson, Paul A. MIT Inside the Economist’s Mind
6 Foss, Nicolai J. Copenhagen Bus School Organizations & Markets
7 Wolfers, Justin U of Pennsylvania Freakonomics
8 Hamermesh, Daniel U of Texas Freakonomics
9 Langlois, Richard B. U of Connecticut Organizations & Markets
10 Levitt, Steven D. U of Chicago

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