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  • The Natural Resource Curse: Detroit?

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    Displaying all municipalities that filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection since 2010, this map shows cities, towns and counties in red (8) and utility authorities and other municipalities in black (28). With Detroit’s filing  most recent, this May...

  • Decisions Have An Opportunity Cost That Require Tradeoffs

    The Market System: Defaults and Decisions

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    Coffee: At Starbucks, I order a Grande West Java Black Eye Clover in a Vente cup. My drink requires 4 decisions. Software: Downloading software, don’t you just check the default package rather than selecting from a customized list of alternatives?...

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    Summer Slackin’

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    Dear Alexa,    I have a lot of summer work to do before I go back to school, but I have yet to start any of it! Everyday I tell myself that I will work on the math packet or start one of the books, but I always find other ways to spend my time. [&hellip...

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    Gender Issues: Family Friendly Tradeoffs

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    Is it logical to say that women should support family friendly workplaces? Maybe. Research suggests that family friendliness has increased female labor force participation. In Spain and Germany, employees who take parental leave know their job will be there...

  • Monograms

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    With different styles, fonts, and colors to choose from, initials are featured on everything from jewelry to clothing.  Hot or not...