Unemployment Insight

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jun 3, 2011    •    520 Views

Would you like to see job winners, job losers, recession and recovery across the country? These interactive graphics are perfect.

Here, you can see “jobs gained” and “jobs lost” across the U.S. in 100 metropolitan areas. As you move a cursor from 2004 to 2011, red dots representing jobs lost and green dots for jobs gained get larger and smaller. The visual for 2009 is unforgettable.

This graphic provides a second way to see jobs and geography between January 2007 and now. Using data from U.S. counties, you can see an economically robust U.S. transformed as the colors of the graphic change from dark yellow (4%-4.9% unemployment) to black and purple (7% to 10% unemployment). Again, using 2009 as your focus, looking back and forward clarifies where we have been.

The Economic Lesson

But where are we going?

This graphic connects jobs to economic growth. As the graphic progresses, you can see that 6% growth will bring unemployment numbers down to 5% next year. 3% growth means waiting until 2020 for 5% unemployment. First quarter real GDP growth for 2011 was 1.8%.

An Economic Question: Looking at the jobs and geography interactive graphics here and here, where in the U.S. is unemployment decreasing and where is it remaining high?

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