World Cup Soccer 2014 with some humor and betting markets

Monty Python World Cup: German vs. Greek Philosophers

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jun 28, 2014    •    2051 Views

Here is the line-up for the Monty Python World Cup soccer match between German and Greek philosophers:

World Cup Soccer 2014 Greece vs. Germany

From: Monty Python

And the actual match:

With Greece’s odds 125/1 for winning World Cup 2014 and Germany’s 4/1, it is highly unlikely that they will oppose each other this year. Looking at these numbers, economists who have studied World Cup betting markets say they are “efficient” because prices and odds reflect all relevant information known about the teams. As Barron’s explains, we can conclude that World Cup betting markets are efficient because, “…prices and odds in the soccer betting market react ‘swiftly and fully’ to a goal, without the complications from leaked information often seen in financial markets.”

Our bottom line? Enjoy!

Sources and more...For more on the economics of World Cup Soccer, the NY Times, Barron's and Soccernomics provide some good insight and Skybet has a plethora of odds.  

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